Requirements to Get a Credit Card in Colombia

Credit cards are widely used around the world to meet the shopping needs of citizens of any nation. This commercial document issued by the banks is signed in the name of a person who will own it, and is used to buy products and can pay in future installments.

In Colombia, banks are responsible for issuing or issuing credit cards for the benefit of citizens who become citizens. However, each bank requests a number of requirements and documents that we should pay attention to, in this article we will talk about what are the requirements to get a credit card in Colombia.

Credit Card Requirement

Credit cards are a very useful and efficient tool to lighten the costs incurred in a particular family center, they all have an important standard and it distinguishes them from any other card issued by a national or international bank. Can, since they allow, pay for any product, in the future but in the near future.

The basic idea or approach with which credit cards are made is that the customers of a given bank should be allowed to pay for products, services, loans, projects and not enough money to pay the production amount. Is . With the guarantee provided with this person's salary, there is an opportunity to pay for what is eaten in future installments.

After analyzing all the advantages and all the negative gifts that have not been kept in moderation, the majority decided to start a life of credibility at the age of majority (or later, without any hassle). Should go It will be important to know in depth the options, facilities and consequences involved in having a credit card.
Now, when you want to get a credit card, we must first take care of the necessary documents to complete the process. Below we list the key requirements that every citizen must know in order to obtain a credit card in Colombia (this may vary depending on the bank where the application is made):
  1. Legal age (age has reached 18 years).
  2. Have the necessary documents.
  3. Become a Colombian citizen, or, fail, hold an immigration card.
  4. Perform income certificate.
  5. Get a better credit history (if this is not the first application for this card).
  6. Keep your account at the bank where the card will be requested.

Step by step process to get Credit Card

Before describing a single and unique way to get a credit card in Colombia, it is important to know that there is not a single bank in Colombia and, consequently, not a single procedure. Depending on the rules and business facilities of each bank, the procedure may vary.
Nonetheless, it will explain what similar bank procedures exist in each bank so that readers have a general idea of the steps that can be taken to determine if you are applying for a credit card at a Colombian bank. If you want:
  1. Select our preferred bank to start the application to work first. It is important to read all the business policies and their implications before going to any banking institution, it is better to be well informed, so that the management staff can only explain the procedure to be followed. Big.
  2. Many Colombian banks are required to fill out a form that identifies some of the applicant's personal information (in the case of BBVA Colombia and Bankolumbia). The so-called form is called a "credit card application".
  3. When the form has been finalized, it should be sent to the banking institution for analysis of the matter, after doing so (it should reply the next day) the bank should issue a positive reply, of this action. Credit card for providing the necessary documents to apply with.
  4. To complete the application for the required documents, go to the nearest headquarters of the selected bank, where the staff working in this branch will assist you in this process.

Documents that are required

Obviously, in order to apply for a credit card, you will need to provide certain documents and these are the documents we leave you with.
  • Identity document and an extended copy.
  • Application form on the bank page where you will apply for the card.
  • Salary certificate.
  • Domicile certificate

Where to apply?

Banks are the only institution in the country that can issue credit cards, regardless of whether the card belongs to an international or national bank. Is. Apply for a credit card. Of course, it will depend on the bank where the operation took place.

Although each bank is independent of the other, and has management policies that make the difference even more pronounced, each bank is responsible for the management of the cards it issues.

How long should I wait for approval?

It is important to note that each bank operates differently in its own way depending on their resources and the procedures available to them. Just as an application can be approved in 15 minutes, it can be approved in several weeks. Banks will usually try to contact you as soon as possible to begin the next step. Approval times will vary greatly, but will be one day after the request to estimate when the approval may be ready.

Can I apply for more than one card?

Yes, you can apply for multiple credit cards at multiple banks at the same time but this practice is not recommended. Credit history keeps a record of all the actions and requests made to get a credit card in its system. If the applicant asks many people at the same time, the lender can understand Has more debt and, as a result, rejects the card.

How much is the interest?

Colombian banks do not do this with charitable intent to help the population by guaranteeing residents credit card eligibility, there is a system of interest associated with credit card payments, this money has to be paid in return. Will. With this money the bank makes money and exchanges the money that it may lose.
The lower the interest, the less money you have to pay. Of course, every bank offers an annual interest rate according to the services it offers, so it is important to first check the bank where we want to apply for a credit card. To cite an example, Banco de Occident had an interest rate of 27.53% for 2016, 2016.

Do I have to have a bank account?

To start opening a person's credit, it will be necessary to open a bank account. Before thinking about getting a credit card, the first step a person should take is to go to one of Colombia's 27 existing banks, especially the one where they want to apply for a credit card. , I opened an account for myself.

Tips for applying

The maximum supply of credit card applications in Colombia will avoid future problems, it can be very frustrating to see that this application was rejected only because it was not approved well Or because it was not up to date. Because of this, numerous details will be broken down when it is necessary to say that when it is necessary to fill out the form:
  1. Apply for a credit card that suits your situation. The main idea or purpose of applying for a credit card is to solve the problem of spending when needed. However, we do not all have the same consumption and spending habits, so the application of the card will vary from case to case. That is why it is important to analyze the credit options offered by the bank where you want to apply for the card.
  2. Find the commission of each bank: The best source of banking transactions is the information we can get at the banking institution where we look for credit cards. Everyone has different commissions and it is important to know them so that there are no unexpected credit card charges.
  3. Know and write down the last payment date: To generate interest, it is important to know the minimum or total payment dates and write them in our pending payments calendar (if any).
When needed, credit cards are a great tool for managing specific expenses, no need to ask anyone, but never holding hands. Hopefully this article has been helpful in understanding in more depth how credit cards work and how to apply for them in Colombia.


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